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Meet Brett.

Animation tutor

"Animate the world"

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This is a beginner crash course on digital 2D animation with a focus on character.

What you will learn

How to use Adobe Animate and animation fundamentals such as anticipation, follow through, squash & stretch, etc. We will also delve into how to manage scope with animation-friendly character designs and efficient use of creative energy. You will also build a familiarity with using a drawing tablet.


The main goal is to get students over the initial hump of “how do I get started in animation?”

This is an approachable, creatively nourishing class that will allow students to come away with a taste of the joy of creation so they know if animation is something they’d like to pursue further. Animation also has good synergy with the other NGEN class subjects – students who work on an affinity for animation will be able to one day apply it to game dev, content creation & more.

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