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Meet Ataria.

UX tutor

"People ignore design that ignores people."

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About UX Design

In this interactive 12 week course, students will gain basic digital UX skills to imagine, prototype and test their next big idea by themselves. They will get a taste of what it's like to work as a user experience (UX) designer. From the digital realm of games, and websites to ordinary items like furniture, UX design is utilised to create joyful and useful experiences.

What you will learn

Our program for UX Design teaches students the design skills to prototype apps, websites, and other digital products using industry-standard tools such as Figma, and provides them with the knowledge of user testing and prototyping skills. Additionally, the program also focuses on developing the student's ability to present their work confidently and fosters collaboration through working in teams.


By the end of the programme, tauira will be able to explain what User Experience is and what a UX designer does. They will be able to go through the UX design process, and be able to do it themselves (i.e. understanding a problem, ideating & testing a prototype) and they will have created a prototype of their idea, and showcase it to others.

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