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Meet Joe.

Game Development tutor

"The game development process is all about turning ideas into reality"

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Studying game development with us will give you the skills to create your own video games, and turn your passion into a successful career in the growing and innovative game development industry.

What you will learn

Game development is a multi-disciplinary field that requires a wide range of skills. By studying game development, individuals will learn essential tools and techniques such as game programming, 3D modeling, game design, basic entrepreneurship and project management. These skills will allow them to create and launch their own games, as well as manage game development projects and companies. In short, the client will learn a set of skills that will help them to create, launch and manage their own games.


By studying game development with us, students will not only acquire the ability to create their own video games but also gain transferable knowledge that can be applied to other areas within the IT field, including general software development.

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